Jurgen Klopp should be judged at the end of next season

Liverpool has shown some signs of improvement under Jurgen Klopp and pundits agree that we should judge Klopp at the end of next season.

Indeed, this time, he will be able to bring his own players and ensure that he has a good pre-season with them before the season actually starts.

People seem to forget that Klopp only joined Liverpool in October when the season has already begun. He did not have much time to prepare the team the way he would have wanted. Despite this situation, he still managed to reach two Cup finals with Liverpool, and this is definitely a clear sign of improvement. We should not forget that Liverpool has beaten some big teams such as Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United to reach those finals, and this clearly shows that Klopp is already changing Liverpool.

With the summer transfer market open, it will be interesting to see which player Jurgen Klopp brings in and how they will fit in the system. Ever since his days at Borussia Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp has a philosophy on how football should be played and he will be keen to inculcate this to his Liverpool players. As mentioned above he only joined Liverpool in October and this time, he will have a full preseason to instruct his team and make sure that every player is on the same wavelength.

By now, Jurgen Klopp should already have a list of players that he might be interesting in, and we can be sure that the transfer committee at Anfield is already working on the best ways to get the players. It is only after next season that we can accurately assess Jurgen Klopp impact at Liverpool and decide whether he has been a success or not.