James Milner reckons the Reds were lacking self confidence before the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

When Klopp had taken the charge, he had also said that one of the first things that he would look to do is to install confidence in the players and he surely has been able to do that.

Liverpool has played 11 matches in the Barclays Premier League in the tenure of Klopp and they have remained undefeated in 10 of those.

Milner has stood in as the captain of Liverpool in most of the games in the ongoing season as Jordan Henderson, the regular captain, has not been available, and he has really liked the way the boss has got the side going.

In the words of Milner, “The talent was always there, but, what was lacking was the belief of the players in their own abilities.”

“To have a new manager in the middle of the season is not easy on anyone. But, it happens in professional soccer and the players just have to move on.”

“Jurgen has come in and has gone about his job as well as he could have. He’s brought changes in the methods, but, in a correct way.”

“His working style has already earned him a lot of popularity at the club. He has been able to build a connection with everyone and it’s something you need to give him credit for.”

Liverpool has had just one bad game under Klopp and that was against Crystal Palace at Anfield last month.

They had gone into that game full of confidence having beaten Chelsea, but, had a pretty off day in front of the home crowd and lost 1-2.

However, the next game on road against Manchester City, they shined again and secured a smashing 4-1 win.