A Very Honest Verdict Issued By Stewart Downing On The Recent Setback Of Middlesbrough

At present, Boro one of the places in the play-off but are in an astonishing run of their form lately and in fact, they have not won even a single match in their last 5 matches in all of the competitions. Their dismal performance continued as they went through a baffling defeat to the club of Burton Albion in a match of League Cup, which resulted in their exit from the League at the quarter-final stage.

This recent defeat was met with backlash and booing from their own spectators, and after this Stewart Downing, disclosed that feels very bad to hear these things from your own supporters but he also acknowledged that these things are expected from them with such a high standard set in this season.

He said “When you are booed like this it definitely hurts. Especially when you are a local boy and a fan of Boro like me,” he admitted in an interview with the channel of Teesside Live. He further added “But you have to expect this. As a player, you know exactly what to expect from fans if you let them down. Standards are very high, and you are supposed to win such games and that is the only right thing.”

He gave the verdict that; Boro is definitely in a very bad form and that so at the wrong time. This period of the festival can be definitely season-defining and if they will not be able to get the desired result in a match versus Reading, then I am uncertain about the future of Tony Pulis as the manager of this club. And the supporters of Middlesbrough have every reason to show their frustrations. There is only one way to get rid of it and that is to win matches.